System Design Department Faculty of Robotics and Design
Assoc. Prof.  Dr. Takayuki Nakayama

Union of Kansai Governments, ACADEMIC FORUM
Title: Development human friendly welfare support apparatuses inspired by human motion control mechanisms
Date: February 23 (Fri)  14:20 ~ 14:50
Venue: Exhibitor Presentation Venue H (Hall 6, INTEX OSAKA)
Outlines/Features of Research
Introduce robot with high affinity with human beings, which incorporates human embodiment and brain motion control mechanism, which is developed for the realization of a society where people and robots live together.
Expected Applications
Medical and Welfare, Life Support Robot, Manufacturing
2000 University Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo Doctoral Program Degree After withdrawal
2000 RIKEN BioMimetic Control Research Center Researcher
2006 Nagoya Institute of Technology Graduate School of Engineering Graduate School of Engineering Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Associate Professor,
2016 Osaka Institute of Technology Faculty of Engineering Department of Robotics Engineering Associate Professor
2017 Osaka Institute of Technology Robotics & Design Engineering Department of System Design Engineering
Associate Professor (Doctor of Engineering)
(Honorifics omitted)
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